Your Specialist Attorney for Corporate Law: Innovative, Experienced, and Effective

Are you a technically sophisticated, market-savvy entrepreneur with a promising business idea? We are a Berlin-based corporate law firm that offers personalized, effective, and custom-tailored legal advisory services to companies large and small during the foundation and start-up process. Our many years of experience in legal and business consulting, our watchful monitoring of the market, our focus on ongoing improvement, and our creative approach are what set us apart. Our innovative and cost-effective consultancy services provide a one-stop service package enabling your company to achieve its legal and commercial objectives.

  • Many years of experience in establishing companies;
  • Support with corporate transactions;
  • Contracts structured according to your specific needs;
  • One-stop advisory services, also in related fields of law;
  • Legal and commercial evaluations;
  • Assistance in the case of disputes among shareholders.

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Your specialist attorney for corporate and commercial law in Berlin

We can help you select the optimal legal form for your company. This includes a Gesellschaft bürgerlichen Rechts (GbR, partnership under the Civil Code), a Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (GmbH, limited liability company), an Unternehmergesellschaft (UG, company formed by entrepreneurs), an eingetragene Genossenschaft (e.G., registered cooperative), an Aktiengesellschaft (AG, stock corporation), or any other available legal form. We will draft a shareholders’ agreement custom-tailored to the requirements of your company and will hold comprehensive discussions with you so as to identify and solve any potential problems.

In the process, it is quite possible that totally unforeseen issues may arise that turn out to be of vital importance to a company. In such cases, we have the skills and expertise of our entire in-house team of legal, tax, and business specialists to fall back on, if necessary, in order to ensure our clients and all involved will be provided with the best possible service.

Advice from a specialist attorney in shareholder disputes

In many cases, a company will see changes to its structure being made. Not all of them will occur by consensus. We can help you take precautions to ensure that the survival of your company will not be imperiled by disputes. We will hold discussions with all parties involved, be they shareholders, managing directors, members of the executive board or supervisory board, or other business partners. In this context, we can function not only as your legal counsel and specialist attorney for corporate law, but also in the capacity of mediator. Through effective mediation, we can help find an equitable solution to the problem that also protects the interests of those involved. Thanks to our expertise in corporate law, we are well-equipped to understand the particular needs and requirements of entrepreneurs.

There are other situations that require us to represent the respective party in court. And should you wish to change your company’s legal form, our entire team will be at your disposal to clarify all the questions this entails as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Your specialist attorney for corporate law and advisory team in Berlin provide assistance with corporate transactions

Planning to acquire or sell a company? We can assist you in this process as a specialist attorney for corporate law, and will also contribute our expertise in other fields. In this scenario, it is critical for the buyer, respectively seller, to learn all the pertinent facts about the affected company’s legal, commercial, and tax-related position. We will vet the enterprise concerned, inside and out, on your behalf by performing a due diligence review.

This will entail examining and evaluating all of the contracts in place at the enterprise, its legal rights / obligations and organizational structures, as well as its economic and tax-related circumstances. We will also consider any other key variables that influence the environment in which the company is doing business. By providing you with a complete picture of the company’s current position, we will enable you to take a prudent and informed decision.

Your specialist attorney for corporate law in Berlin for assistance with shareholder disputes

Are you involved in a dispute with your fellow shareholders and require competent advice? As a specialist attorney for corporate law, we can help you navigate such difficulties successfully. We have many years of experience with these kinds of internal disputes and have a long track record of seeing them through to a successful resolution. As mediators, we are ideally suited to lend optimal support during this difficult and conflict-laden process.

Testimonials from some of our clients:

Christian S.

Thanks for your highly competent and extremely expeditious help in tackling the issues of my company!

Anton M.

My recommendation is definitely a heartfelt one! The service was invariably competent and sure-footed, right from our very first meeting regarding a dispute among managing directors all the way to the final closure!
I wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Kollmorgen and her law firm!

Andreas W.

Many thanks for your good advice in corporate law matters. This was a big help to me…

Maria K.

I received a telephone callback just hours after emailing my enquiry. And I got an appointment right for the following day.