Grants and financing: The cornerstone for a successful company is a sound financial position!

If you are looking to make an investment, you should first think about what type of financing will best fit your needs. In the process, you should consider all possible sources of funding and financial support. A wide range of generous subsidies is available that should be carefully investigated before you take any firm decisions and sign on the dotted line. We can help you navigate this complex terrain. Together, we will analyze your situation and review the various subsidies that might be suitable. No matter what specific type of investment you are considering – whether in capital goods, operating equipment or even in human resources – a corresponding grant may be available for just that purpose.

  • Evaluation of the subsidy environment;
  • Review of preconditions for eligibility;
  • Support during the application process;
  • Review of financing and grants available;
  • Personal service from our consultants;
  • Review and editing of documents.

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Grants for investments

Whenever a company makes an investment, it also assumes some risks. Thus, the investment could fail to have the desired effect, turn out to have been wrongly calculated, or prove fruitless for any number of other reasons. In order to minimize these risks, government agencies in Germany have set up a number of programs to make a company’s investment decisions easier. For example, there are some programs in place that offer subsidies of up 35% towards an investment’s costs. They mean that an applicant company that has documented its investment stands to retroactively receive public funds that need not be repaid. Certain preconditions will have to be met, of course. The agreements and the financial statements will have to be submitted, the shareholders will have to be named, and significant amounts of additional paperwork will have to be done. We will be happy to assist you with these tasks and help compile everything you need. Other forms of public support include subsidized low-interest loans, for which the rates of interest are well below market, i.e. as low as 1% per annum. With these types of grants, one can also arrange to suspend repayment of the principal for a certain period.

Grants to promote job creation

Investing in human resources often is a risky proposition. Not so much in terms of legal issues, which can be handled by an attorney for labor law, but simply in terms of whether or not the new hire will be a good fit for the team and perform as expected. In order to mitigate this risk, grant programs have been set up to help companies hire the personnel they need without having to bear the entire risk themselves. For example, certain government agencies step in to cover a portion of salary payments or grant subsidies towards these costs.

These grant programs frequently cover the social insurance contributions payable by the employer as well as other ancillary labor costs. Moreover, they are available for all categories of new hires, including previously unemployed persons and graduates fresh out of college. Additional subsidy programs are in place to promote the ongoing education and training of employees. A key requirement for these types of programs is that no prior agreements have been concluded with the employees concerned. In other words, there is no shortage of possibilities. Let us get together and discuss which grants may be suitable for you in light of your particular situation.

Micro-loans and other funding

We often see cases where our clients require only a very limited investment in order to go into business on their own. Setting up a Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (GmbH, limited liability company) dedicated mainly to providing services in the IT segment is one such scenario. Let us say our client has completed the GmbH-formation process in consultation with a specialist attorney for corporate law, thereby creating a solid foundation for a successful business. This GmbH will require only limited financial resources to be able to commence operations. In this case, the company will have the option to apply for subsidized small loans or micro-loans from the appropriate development agency or bank. Such loans do not require the collateral normally demanded by banks and also feature a relatively streamlined application process. The key factor will be the quality of the company founder’s idea and how effectively he or she is able to present their concept and their financing plan on paper.

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