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Rechtsanwältin Kollmorgen
Kurfürstendamm 179
10707 Berlin
Phone: +49 (0)30 88926462

Local Court (Amtsgericht) of Charlottenburg, PR 863 B

Turnover Tax ID No.: DE283682838

Attorney and Graduate (from a University of Applied Sciences) in Business Administration
Marie-Luise Kollmorgen

Licensing / supervisory body

The attorney doing business as “Rechtsanwältin Kollmorgen” is a member of the following bar association, which is also her competent supervisory body: Rechtsanwaltskammer Berlin (Berlin Bar Association). The male and female forms of the term “attorney” (Rechtsanwalt and Rechtsanwältin) are statutorily defined professional titles. They have been granted to the attorney doing business as “Rechtsanwältin Kollmorgen” in the Federal Republic of Germany. The legally mandated professional standards applicable to attorneys are as follows: the Bundesrechtsanwaltsordnung (BRAO, Federal Act on the Profession of Attorneys), the Berufsordnung für Rechtsanwälte (BORA, Professional Code of Conduct for Attorneys), the Fachanwaltsordnung (FAO, Regulations governing Specialist Attorneys), and the Bundesrechtsanwaltsgebührenordnung (BRAGO, Federal Code of Attorney’s Fees), for the field of international legal relations the Code of Conduct for European Lawyers issued by the CCBE (Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe), the Rechtsanwaltvergütungsgesetz (RVG, Law on the Remuneration of Attorneys), and, for foreign colleagues, the Gesetz über die Tätigkeit europäischer Rechtsanwälte in Deutschland (EuRAG, Law on the Activity of European Attorneys in Germany). As regards the content of the aforementioned regulations, we include by reference the website of the Bundesrechtsanwaltskammer (BRAK, German Federal Bar Association) at The information that follows is provided pursuant to Sections 1 to 3 of the Verordnung über Informationspflichten für Dienstleistungserbringer (DLInfoV, Ordinance on Mandatory Disclosures by Service Providers): The place of jurisdiction for the law firm is Berlin, Germany. The firm has been entered into the Commercial Register of the Local Court (Amtsgericht) of Charlottenburg under the number HRA 36959 B. German law shall govern. Professional indemnity insurance has been taken out with the following carrier: Allianz Versicherungs-Aktiengesellschaft, doing business at Königinstrasse 28, 80802 Munich, Germany. The insured sum in euros for professional indemnity risks / commercial general liability, including environmental compact insurance and environmental liability insurance (Module 1) is three million EUR (lump-sum) for personal injury and property damage. The maximum benefit for all insured events within a given insurance year is triple the aforementioned insured sum(s). 

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