The laws governing reorganization and insolvency: Any crisis can be weathered with the right advisor

We will assist you in matters governed by reorganization law and insolvency law. Our specialists in these fields of the law will help you in all aspects of dealing with your company’s insolvency and/or reorganization. As a law firm with particular business- management expertise, we also focus on advising distressed companies. Our specialists can conduct negotiations with creditors on your behalf and may seek to prevent the opening of insolvency proceedings, if possible. Yet even if insolvency proceedings are unavoidable, a fresh start may still be possible.

  • Assumption of negotiations with creditors;
  • Assistance in applying for insolvency proceedings;
  • Expedited processing of your case;
  • Personal attention;
  • A high success ratio;
  • Extensive experience with reorganization law and insolvency law.

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Attorneys for reorganization law and insolvency law

The laws governing reorganization and insolvency constitute a complex and multi-faceted field. Thus, our Berlin-based attorneys for reorganization and insolvency matters will be more likely to handle such cases than our specialist attorney for corporate law. Most of our clients turn to us when they are faced with a crisis. Thanks to our years of experience, our attorneys have many strategies available that can potentially solve the client’s difficulties in short order. The first step will be to gain an overview of the company’s creditors and to review its books to understand the company’s current financial position. Based on these data, we can then determine whether grounds for applying for the opening of insolvency proceedings are indeed given, or whether reorganization outside the scope of the Insolvenzordnung (InsO, Insolvency Statute) is possible. Together with the client, we will then discuss how best to proceed with the reorganization or insolvency and will plan the next steps.

Making a fresh start with the aid of our attorneys for reorganization law and insolvency law

Entrepreneurs can count on our support during crisis periods. We will help you develop a reorganization concept and negotiate debt waivers with your creditors. Our attorneys for reorganization law and insolvency law will contact the creditors in writing to ensure that the debt waivers are air-tight. The attorneys for reorganization law and insolvency law will take charge of your correspondence with creditors and with all the other parties involved in the reorganization and insolvency. In the unfortunate case that a settlement with the creditors cannot be reached, our attorneys for reorganization law and insolvency law will represent your interests vis-à-vis an insolvency administrator.

Finding solutions with our attorneys for reorganization law and insolvency law

As attorneys for reorganization law and insolvency law, we have a long track record of negotiating with banks and other creditors. Having been involved in numerous cases, we are familiar with all the various debt-restructuring approaches. We are committed to negotiating a solution that will allow our respective client to continue operating in well-ordered circumstances, both during and after the insolvency proceedings. Obviously, our attorneys will also work closely with all other relevant parties, agencies, and institutions. As attorneys for insolvency law, we are in a position to find a suitable solution that makes due allowance for the commercial and legal interests of the entrepreneur faced with insolvency.

Any corporate law issues arising in the process can be handled by our specialist attorney for corporate law. As attorneys for reorganization law and insolvency law, we also serve as the contacts for creditors whose claims may be threatened by an insolvency. In this capacity, we are specialized in realizing potential collateral so as to help creditors recover at least part of their claims. We are also the go-to partner when it comes to evaluating the default risk posed by a prospective business partner.

Testimonials from some of our clients:

Christian S.

Thanks for your highly competent and extremely expeditious help in tackling the issues of my company!

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My recommendation is definitely a heartfelt one! The service was invariably competent and sure-footed, right from our very first meeting regarding a dispute among managing directors all the way to the final closure!
I wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Kollmorgen and her law firm!

Andreas W.

Many thanks for your good advice in corporate law matters. This was a big help to me…

Maria K.

I received a telephone callback just hours after emailing my enquiry. And I got an appointment right for the following day.