Management and coaching: Whether you need an interim manager or just a coach – we offer both!

We can assist you when it comes to managing your company. And we do so not as a condescending “schoolteacher,” but rather as your personal sounding board and partner. In fact, we can offer coaching on practically all topics to do with economics and business administration. For example, you might obtain from it the wherewithal for optimizing the workflows and processes of your office organization, your accounting system, your marketing and distribution activities, or in some other area of your company. We also stand ready to provide advice and support if you temporarily require an interim manager or if you have questions relating to business management.

  • Coaching as a partnership of equals;
  • Improvement of workflows;
  • Assistance with company reorganizations;
  • Assistance with mergers and takeovers;
  • Preparation of economic due diligence reports;
  • Assistance in finding sources of financing.

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Presentations by our attorneys and business consultants

In the context of our coaching services, and also in the workshops and seminars we provide, we can offer you a broad palette of support services. Our presentations and seminars, which we often conduct on the premises of external partners, serve to impart our expertise to specific target groups designated by you. The duration and timing of such events will be scheduled as required in consultation with you. Every company and workforce has differing priorities, of course. So instead of holding standard seminars or workshops, we will focus on precisely those topics that you wish to see addressed, of which we can cover a wide range. Thus, we can offer you lectures, seminars or workshops on business topics such as calculation methods, office organization, strategic planning, strategic management, time management, principles of business administration, and a great deal more. The spectrum of legal topics we cover is just as extensive. These include, for example, the scope of liability assumed by a GmbH’s managing director as well as aspects of labor law, internet law, competition law, copyright, consumer protection, and grant management. All presentations are conducted in person by our experts, including our specialist attorney for corporate law. Of course you can also request our useful coaching and consulting services to promote ongoing education and training within your company and your own professional growth; in same cases, these services are eligible for public grants.

Coaching by specialists

Of course you can also request our useful coaching and consulting services to promote ongoing education and training within your company and your own professional growth. As we see it, coaching is definitely not a “one-man show,” however. It is a collaborative process based on trust in which coach and coachee jointly set the agenda and work through the various topics. Our objective first and foremost is to give you the assurance of having found a reliable partner who will back you up and give you nothing but the best service. We want you to derive a tangible benefit from the coaching relationship.

On the one hand, this means trusting each other and, on the other, working together intensively and in good faith to find solutions for the problems identified. It is not a rare occurrence for the coaching process to shed light on problems that were previously overlooked. Tackling and solving these problems is our mission, so as to enable you to run your business even more successfully. And also when it comes to your company’s financial resources, a number of measures need to be taken. Without proper planning, it can be difficult to obtain financing or grants. This is where your coach can lend support.

Assumption of interim management duties

Besides coaching you and supporting you by knowledge-sharing through presentations, seminars, and workshops, we can also take charge of your operational management of your company if you so require. But you should not think of our interim management as a fire brigade deployed in companies needing reorganization. In some cases, a company may be in crisis by the time an interim manager is called in, but the crisis in question need not be one imperiling the company’s very survival or mandating its reorganization. For example, this type of intervention may also make sense when human resource constraints keep a company from operating effectively, for example. Other, frequent reasons for bringing in an interim manager have to do with a company’s growth and evolution. In these cases, the interim manager will generally contribute expertise that the company’s executive management lacks yet needs in order to help master the new challenges that confront them. One such scenario is when a company is to be sold and/or succession planning is needed. This is where the interim manager will step in to supplement the company’s executive management and support it with his or her expertise.

Testimonials from some of our clients:

Christian S.

Thanks for your highly competent and extremely expeditious help in tackling the issues of my company!

Anton M.

My recommendation is definitely a heartfelt one! The service was invariably competent and sure-footed, right from our very first meeting regarding a dispute among managing directors all the way to the final closure!
I wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Kollmorgen and her law firm!

Andreas W.

Many thanks for your good advice in corporate law matters. This was a big help to me…

Maria K.

I received a telephone callback just hours after emailing my enquiry. And I got an appointment right for the following day.